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When Lynn Cross first heard her special needs son Ian talking to himself, she thought nothing of it. His autism had always made for imaginary worlds. But when he starts talking to an autistic girl who has been missing for eight days, things take a turn toward the extraordinary.

The Child You Expect

This story is for parents, family, and/or caregivers of children with special needs. The main thrust of the story is the grieving process a parent goes through of the "normal" child they expected, and the eventual process of acceptance of the child they have.

I include personal insight into the various stages of grief, obstacles that will be faced, along with words of encouragement and hope for the future. It isn't a one-time process, but a life-long challenge that needs to be overcome again and again. Many parents of special needs children feel alone and afraid of the future. My story shows that their feelings are normal and that they are not alone. The future is bright, albeit adjusted with circumstances, but bright just the same.

Kindle Edition: The Child You Expect

Short Stories

With Love, Pandora

A clever short story which throws a twist into the myth that is Pandora's Box. A modern-day telling of a classic tale.

Kindle Edition: With Love, Pandora


"oh that is SOOO lovely. I actually cried. You definitely did the myth justice with this one. Nicely written from start to finish."

"*clapping at my computer screen* ... I loved this story. I love how you weaved the myth into modern time with the strength of one woman - this is amazing. Again, great detail... Loved it - excellent!"

"I am ready for this author to write the book! I enjoyed this twist on the myth of Pandora's Box and look forward to reading more from this author. I like when there is a modern twist to myths or histories that we have believed for so long and this story delivered. I thought the story was well written."

Breaking News

Breaking News is a short story that explores the situation of a man, his daughter, and their criminally insane ex-wife and mother, and what happens after a jail break.

Kindle Edition: Breaking News


"This is an excellent story...was riveted from beginning to end. You managed to convey the horror of the abuse nicely without giving us all the gory details. Sometimes things are best left to the imagination."

"oh - that one was seriously visceral...I almost put my hand up to the screen to stop engrossed I was in the tension, the plot and the action you conveyed. It seemed altogether too real. This one reads professionally. Tightly and tensely written....awesome descriptions, and my heart was in my mouth....and then the ending. sheesh."


Amy L. Boukair is a short story author, published novelist, and an occasional poet. Her first self-published novel - the time travel romance Indigo, was well received by readers and reviewers alike from around the world. She is currently working on a new urban fantasy novel Shade, which is planned for release in late 2017.


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