Overwhelming gravity makes a quiet whooshing sound as it pulls you down and away from your dreams.

Soul crushing ambivalence remains noiseless as it lurks menacingly in the corner of your every ambition.

Anger and frustration that brings you to the edge of tears over and over leaves a slight ringing in your ears.

The clinking of the wine glass as it meets the end table after a sip that has no flavor.

The cigarette hisses and crunches as you extinguish its mortal fire.

The sighs. The many, many sighs.

The TV show, audiobook, sports program, music, movie, video game, ANYTHING other than the perpetual silence of the house.

The sound of sadness is all the noise blaring around you to mask your internal sobs.

Its just a fog to shroud the cacophony of your inner voice violently weeping.

Actual silence is overwhelming. That's when the somber thoughts come through. That's when the clamor of the internal dialogue is had. That's when the melancholy sets in.

Unless you're already there: heartbroken, exasperated, disheartened, and discouraged.

Then that's all you hear, all the time, no matter the volume of the external noise.

The inner tumult reigns above all else. All the time.

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