January 30, 2019

I’m taking the Neil Gaiman Masterclass on writing, and one of the lessons is about a writer’s voice. I’ve been told that my writing voice is one of my better writing qualities, so when I saw in the course materials a link to a site that would analyze your writing, I decided to check it out.

According to the website that analyzed a chapter from both INDIGO and SHADE, my writing style is akin to Agatha Christie! I must say, that is a high compliment to me as I admire her work very much.

I write like
Agatha Christie

About Agatha Christie | Analyze your text

Ms. Christie had a knack for human observation, and a dry wit that I’ve always appreciated. While highly intelligent, she never treated the reader as stupid or slow. She knew how to expertly unravel a secret that upon closer inspection, had been in the open all along - if only we’d paid attention.

I can only hope to maintain, if not improve my writing style to match hers one day.

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